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We're always excited when we have the opportunity to get creative for our clients!

Below we've put together some frequently asked questions regarding custom designs. If you don't see your question listed below feel free to send us a direct message or give us a call!


How far in advance should I request a quote/place my order?

We recommend contacting us 7-14 days in advance of your event to ensure that we are able to reserve your date. We 
try to accommodate as many custom orders as possible, but it is best to contact us early in your planning!

How much does a custom design order cost?

Custom design pricing varies based on the intricacy of the design requested. All custom designs start at $36 per dozen. 
If your design requires specialized tools there might be an additional charge for your order. 

Is there a minimum/maximum quantity for a custom design order?

Yes. All custom design orders require a minimum quantity of 1 dozen cookies. There is no maximum quantity. However, the larger the quantity of your order, the more lead time we need to prepare your order.

Do you ship custom design orders?

Yes! We absolutely ship custom design orders. If you're interested in having a custom design shipped to you please allow 
extra time for shipping when considering when you should contact us regarding your order.

Are holiday sets considered custom design orders?

No. The holiday designs available on our website are not considered custom orders. Those sets can be ordered 3 days in advance of your delivery date. If you request a change to the holiday set then it would be considered custom. 

Click below to submit a custom design inquiry!

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